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  • The Market Depends On The Livestock Farm,Plantation,Farm And Fishery.
  • Taixiang Group Is Absolutely Not Aimless To Expand.
  • Only Ensuring The Safty Of Ingredients Can We Continue Producing.
  • By Ensuring The Safty Of Ingredients To Ensure The Safty Of Products.
  • We Can Produce As Many Safe Food As Safe Ingredients We Have.
  • Through Market Price Back Push Cost.
  •  Australian Beef Cattle Base

     Pig Farm

     Aquaculture Base

     Vegetable Base


  • The independent third-party food detection lab ensures food safety.
  • Shandong Shijin
    Detection Center


    Mycelium Repressing
    Low Temperature
    Facility inspection
  • With the operation in the same production line, the domestic standards are stricter than the export standards
  • research

  • Professional technology research and development team, with advanced facilities for research, development, and production
  • market

    From table to exit

    From table to exit


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